Kayak Tips And Techniques

Learning a new sport can prove to be both challenging and rewarding.  We want to provide you with the best tips for all sports so you can become a pro fast and enjoy the sport you’re learning.  Here are some tips and techniques for kayaking!


Make sure you are dressing for the water and not the weather.  Many people make the mistake of dressing for the weather and what they’re doing before and after kayaking.  However, it’s very important to dress according to the water.  This means water shoes or sandals as well as a bathing suit with layers on top or a wet suit that will keep you warm in case the water is cold.

The second tip is to make sure you’re using the right boat.  There are many different types of kayaks, so make sure you’re choosing the appropriate one for your activity.  There are smaller kayaks suited for clam lakes.  Then there are bigger, more sturdier ones that you can steer using your feet.

The most important tip of all is knowing the safety rules.  You’ve got to learn how to slip out if you tip over, if someone else tips over, etc.  Always wear a life jacket whenever you get into a kayak, even if you’re just moving it.  Also know how to re-enter the kayak once it tips over.  Knowing your safety rules will help keep you safe and you’ll enjoy your experience better knowing what to do in these situations.

That’s it for kayak tips!  Enjoy your experience, and come back for more tips on other sports!